Horizonte Coffee PEDAL 1kg




Sweet, very creamy and big-bodied with little acidity.

Yes, it's true! We now also offer Robusta beans from South India. Robusta coffee beans have twice the caffeine content of Arabica beans because they grow at lower altitudes. With their increased caffeine content, they defend themselves against potential pests which are more prevalent at this altitude. We have been searching for the right bean and tested many different blends until the ratio of 50% Leal and 50% Robusta has finally convinced us. The result offers the best of both worlds: It is balanced, strong, sweet, very creamy and big-bodied with little acidity, making it ideal for the classic espresso drinker. The aromas are chocolate, dried fruits and earthy notes. This blend tastes particularly pleasant even if you don't quite stick to the correct extraction time/ratio.



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Lumi Espresso OÜ on Rocket Milano S.r.l. (Rocket Espresso) ametlik esindaja Eestis.


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Oleme Teie jaoks alati olemas ka päriselt. Kaugel sellest, et me oleme vaid e-pood. Helista meile, kirjuta meile. Jagame nõu, kui vaja tuleme kohale ja seadistame Sinu uue masina ja jahvataja. Oleme olemas päriselt.


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Meil on professionaalne järelteenindus koos professionaalse meeskonnaga, kes lahendab kõik võimalikud mured kiirelt ja korrektselt. Rocket Espresso Milano seisab samuti meie seljataga.